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Fragments- all day breakfast, specialty coffee

IMG_8714_fFragments is a hidden gem on rue des Tournelles and an Apartments Actually favourite for coffee and all day breakfast.


Owner, Youssef, is a softly spoken and passionate individual- his dedication is reflected in everything that Fragments do. The food is local and seasonal and Youssef selects the beans himself.


The coffee making is treated with such meticulousness it is as if it’s a piece of art itself- indeed it is to the smiling and friendly moustached barrista.


The food is equally exceptional (we love the avocado and poached egg) and lends itself to the perfect morning stopover, reminding one of the very reason they are in this magical city.


Arguably the best coffee in Paris

76 rue des Tournelles
75003 Paris

hours: Monday to Friday- 8h to 18h Weekend- 10h to 18h